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How to Get A Working Referral Code

So you’re hungry and you don’t feel like driving, you can easily get your food delivered to your door. Yes that’s correct and we have coupons for skip the dishes so that on your very first order you can get up to $7 off. Did you know that skip the dishes offers both delivery and pickup services? So if you don’t mind the drive you can save up to $7 and not pay any delivery fees. That is the catch that they don’t tell you about.

In order for you to use a skipthedishes referral, you must be a brand new customer. Once you click on the link which will be provided you can then get your skip the dishes promo code and start looking for delicious food to eat.

So what’s the difference between a skip the dishes voucher and doordash. We have noticed doordash has hidden fees that will cost you more to get you your food I’ll skip the dishes does not have any hidden fees.

Skip the Dishes Referral

The benefits of using this service
1) Once you sign up with the skip the dishes coupon code above you will get up to $7 off your first order.

2) Every week skip the dishes will send you an e-mail that you can get up to $15 off your meal. From experience I have seen $3 off to $7 off. There are others however that have gotten emails that have almost up to $15 off. There is no other delivery/pickup service that sends you weekly discounts. Now I don’t know about you but I personally like to order out every Fridays. And with the skip the dishes discount code, I am able to do exactly that and save money.

3) You have the option to either get your food delivered to your doorstep or simply picking it up at the restaurant. If you do delivery an order up to $20 there are some restaurants that do free delivery or charge a small delivery of $1.99. Now if you are like me and you don’t want to spend any money on delivery fees (always tip your drivers they really work hard to earn their money) then and go and pick up your order directly at the restaurant.

4) You can schedule your delivery or pickup the food anytime you want as long as the restaurant is open. You can schedule it up until 1 week.

5) Let’s say you are not hungry today but you are in a mood to get a particular meal tomorrow, you can use the skip the dishes discount code, apply it and order your food for tomorrow! That way you will not lose your skip the dishes referral code.

6) There are many variety and options for many restaurants. Other services are limited but not this one.

7) Did I forget to mention that they add new restaurants every day. You can eat Italian food, Indian food, Chinese food, Caribbean food, fast food, and any other food you like.

8) The food always comes hot. Never had I had an issue with cold food.

9) A lot of restaurants or not accept cash these days and if you are in the middle of the coronavirus season they won’t even let you pay with a credit card. The good news is that you can pay directly from the app using a MasterCard or VISA.

The good thing about this site is that we will give you new codes every week. Just make sure that you don’t already have an account. For these codes are only good for brand new accounts.

10) They have good customer service. If you need help with your order, you can email them and they will get back to you within an hour or so. Make sure to use the skipthedishes referral.

The downside of using skip the dishes

1) People often complain about the delivery service, the fact that it may take too long to receive your order. A solution to this can be two things, order ahead of time…and second, try doing a pickup! Why I suggest picking up your food? Because its free, and when you use the code above, you get an additional upto $7 off your oder. And since Gas isn’t that expensive, it may be worth the trip!

2) You can only use one referral per account. You need to be a brand new customer (maybe with a different credit card and different email) and then you can sign up under the link above to get your discount.

We are not affiliated at all with skip the dishes and this site is simply a review of their services. We do highly recommend them and we hope that you choose them as your number one food carrier.

A little bit more about skipthedishes. They are actually founded and their main office is located in Manitoba. They offer both delivery and pick-up services. Their job is to connect people to local restaurants, new restaurants, and two local carriers. At the moment skipthedishes employ approximately 2000 people. Many people who do not have a job can find work by delivering food to people who are hungry.

skip the dishes referral

Whether you’re a busy person and you don’t have time can pick up your food and let’s just say you are at work and you don’t get off till 7pm, you can order your food directly from your app and have it delivered to your home or office at the most convenient time for you. Now that is what you call a lifesaver.

We hope you enjoyed our wonderful review and we also hope that you continue to use this site and refer to all of your friends we just want to save time, save money, save gas, and have a relaxing meal.